Varenummer: N2182B1008B194 + N2T10/18E100 Kategori:

Nuova Fima 100mm manometer syrefast uttak bak med frontflens

100 mm, uttak bak, 0/40 bar/psi, syrefast, frontflens

kr 1.109,50


These instruments are designed for chemical, petrochemical industries and for conventional power plants. They are built to resist to the most severe conditions created by the process medium and by the environment and for those fluids, which have high viscosity and do not crystallize. The quality of the materials used to build the sensible element allows their use with high frequency pulsating pressures.
The TIG welding between the case and the process socket, strengthens the instrument and assures better containment of dampening fluid. The advantages of filling the case of the instrument with a dampening fluid are: reduced pointer fluctuation, reduced wear of rotating parts of the movement when pulsant vibrations and pulsations occur. Moreover condensation and corrosive atmospheres which could damage the internal parts are prevented.

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