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Omnisense Difftrykk sensor

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Sensor som måler differansetrykk. Sensoren finnes i mange forskjellige trykkområder. Sensoren egner seg for måling av difftrykk over filter, trekk i boliger osv.



S-17 – Range ±2.5 mBar, ±250 Pa, ±1.0″ H2O with resolution down to 0.0001″ H2O or 0.01 Pa.  Use this sensor for containment monitoring.

S-27 – Range ±10 mBar, ±1000 Pa, ±4.0″ H2O with resolution down to 0.001″ H2O or 0.1 Pa

S-29 – Range ±250 mBar, ±25.00 kPa, ±99.99″ H2O with resolution down to 0.01″ H2O or 0.01 kPa

better than a 2.5% total accuracy in calibration over pressure from 0 to 70 C

Span error ±2.0 %FS

Linearity  ±0.5 %FS

The sensor corrects the sensor signal with a multi-point calibration algorithm using a dedicated signal processor ASIC over temperature and pressure

Temperature compensated from 0-70C

Operating temperature -20-50C

Over The Air updates of


Configuration, including sample period (ie time between samples), number of samples to average, reporting period (time between averaged readings being sent to server) and display units of inches H2O or Pascals

Powered from single 3.6V long life lithium battery

Battery life varies with sample period and reporting period.  Assuming a 5 minute reporting period with 1 sample per minute (meaning final reading will be the average of 5 readings taken once per minute) expected battery life is > 5 years

1/8″ O.D. barbed pressure fitting for 1/8″ push-on tubing

data can be graphed against data from any other OmniSense sensor or sensor(s)

alarm emails when measured pressure differential value exceeds high or low thresholds or returns to normal range.

Non-corrosive gases

FCC/CE approved

Backlit LCD display displays current differential pressure in inches H2O or Pascals at the push of a button

zero offset calibration

Compact, battery powered and wireless makes for an easy installation.

Comes with:

Long life Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery Installed,  AA Size, ER14505

10 feet 1/8″ tubing


OmniSense Gateway

OmniSense Monitoring Account